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Image by Hari Nandakumar

What's on the menu?

We serve a full four course banquet to get VET students, colleges and regional food sectors off to a flying start!​​

Teacher curriculum and training

Finding the balance between guiding the student and letting the student take the initiative?

A hands-on and practical applicable manual describing the Cook It Forward programme itself, and a step-by-step way how to implement in a vocational college.

Image by Michael Browning
Image by Fabrizio Magoni

VET company cooperation kit

Supporting the food sector to work with students and teachers

This provides culinary professionals, farmers etc. an overview of the activities they can expect from the student, and guidelines that enable them to guide the students in the process.

Student learning materials

Students work on real-life assignments, bringing them closer to the world of work

Central to all student activities in Cook It Foward is the look outwards and the connection to stakeholders in the hospitality and gastronomy sector.

Image by Sophie Mikat
Image by Loren King

Culinary heritage alliances

Regional networks of world of work stakeholders embracing culinary heritage

In order for Cook it Forward to work, we need engaged stakeholders. We'll create a toolkit to help VET colleges to set up culinary heritage alliances in their regions, ensuring the project has a real impact.

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